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We take care of our heritage.



Vumba is a small, family owned company, engaged in maintaining traditions and providing a highly professional and personalized service. We produce the organic cheese "Quinta do Carapinhal" following ancient traditions and provide quality accomodation in a rural environment.

Located in the parish of São Martinho da Cortiça, Portugal, the company’s estate covers 140 hectares: 60 ha are dedicated to pastures and 80 ha to forests, groves and silvopastures.

Vumba’s logo is a leaf of an oak, a deciduous tree with a long gestation period, that always did well in this region. The oak symbolizes our respect for tradition and continuity as well as renewal.

In fact, Vumba is highly influenced by our grandparents’ memory, by their love for this land and by all the great things they’ve done. We make our best to respect and honor this memory in everything we do.

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