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We produce the organic cheese

"Quinta do Carapinhal"

following ancient traditions and provide

quality accomodation in a rural environment.

Artisanal Cheese


In the estate’s cheese making facilities we produce a gourmet sheep cheese, the “Quinta do Carapinhal”, following a very ancient, Portuguese receipt.


With a genuine flavour, our cheese is one of the few handmade and organic alternatives to the more common, industrially produced Portuguese sheep cheese.


Rural Tourism


Vumba’s estate – along with some old support facilities converted into cozy guesthouses - has a unique set of conditions which offer our guests the quiet enjoyment of a true rural experience.


Furthermore, the whole property may be isolated from the outer world, offering the ideal setting for film crews: peace of mind, protection from outside interference and a landscape without any traces of civilisation that is easily adaptable to any context.

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