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In a small village in the county of Arganil one of the oldest and genuinely Portuguese products is still managing to hold out against the invasion of mass-produced, industrialised products.


The milk used to make this cheese comes from a herd of about 200 sheep of the Bordaleira Serra da Estrela breed. Our herd’s habitat is a lovely valley located about 15 km from Arganil, where the pastures benefit from a microclimate which is characteristic of the Queijo da Serra demarcated area.


Since the herd and pastures are of the best quality we do not buy milk from other producers. Thereby we are absolutely sure that we do not mix our own milk with cow or goat milk or with lower quality sheep milk. The “Quinta do Carapinhal” is produced manually by two women cheesemaker (“queijeiras), who strictly follow the traditional techniques of the Queijo da Serra cheese.


Take a look at pictures of Our herd and pastures

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