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Get lost in our 140 ha propriety.


Vumba is a 140 hectare property which occupies a beautiful valley of green pastures and charming groves. The beauty of the landscape is emphasized by the imposing mountains surrounding the region. On the horizon you can see, in a full, 360º uninterrupted sweep, the peaks of the Estrela Mountains (to the east), the Açor and Lousã Mountains (to the south), the Buçaco Mountains (to the west) and the Caramulo Mountains (to the north).


The estate has several roads and trails as well as five idyllic ponds. Isolated from the outside world, here you will find the ideal combination of

natural resources to let you enjoy nature and to experience a truly rural lifestyle.


When we arrive, the beauty of the landscape, the fragrance of the flowers and countryside, the warmth of our guesthouses, everything combines to lead us to a state of great tranquility.

Take a look at the Our Estate


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