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After our Covid-imposed absence in 2020, we’ve just been back to Vumba for the fourth time. It’s true, we spent our 4th vacation at Vumba. It’s still our favourite vacation destination. We stayed in the Casa da Lagartixa this time because the Lopes family has grown in the meantime and we now have two small dogs. We can prove that Vumba is both a family-friendly and pet-friendly destination. Casa da Lagartixa is spacious, beautiful and functional. The decoration is flawless, really suited to the space and so cosy. The kitchen has all the necessary items and, much to our delight, we kept finding little treats. The breakfast kit was excellent. The pool was always in pristine condition. The entire farm is fantastic. It was a pity our stay had to be so short… our daughters didn’t want to leave of course and were actually wondering if they could stay at Vumba forever! I think I can speak for our dogs when I say they had the best-ever experience (the freedom of the countryside). Vumba has so much to offer that we could only have made the most of it if our stay was longer... Last but not least, we cannot emphasise strongly enough the friendliness and openness of everyone on the Vumba “team”. Kisses and see you soon

Airbnb, July 13th to 16th, 2021 Photo by @antoniorodriguescatarino

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