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Canyoning, May 26th/28th



For our guests who like a somewhat more radical adventure, Vumba will organize in May a breathtaking canyoning trip: walking, diving, swimming and dropping down attached to a rope in the spectacular ravines and gorges of the Ribeira da Pena creek. Don't miss this spectacular experience of total immersion in nature, supported by a team of experts.


Ribeira da Pena is the most spectacular creek in Portugal's center region, also known for its beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. The wild and hidden scenery that surrounds the creek is a perfect haven for wild species and exuberant flora.


Friday, May 26th

Arrival at “Vumba-Agroturismo” 

Saturday, May 27th

Canyoning in the morning; 

Barbecue at Vumba;

Afternoon at leisure;

Candlelight dinner;

Sunday, May 28th

Tractor Safai in the morning


Price starts at 150€/person and includes:

- Canyoning trip (incl. equipment rental)

- 2 nights at Vumba             

- 3 meals                 

- 2 breakfasts

- Tractor safari



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